About Me

Hi 👋 My name is Luke Kabat, I am a 26-year-old programmer from Poland focused on Unity and gamedev oriented projects. On the internet I go by the nickname Shrimp.

Specialities and programming languages

[Unity/C#] I have been learning Unity and creating personal projects since 2016. I have extensive knowledge about C# programming language as well as Unity workflows and patterns. I have done some projects in HLSL/CG/Shader Lab, so I have the know-how when it comes to shaders and Unity's rendering pipelines too. Since starting my MSc project I have also studied Unity VFX Graph and Shader Graph systems.

[C++] Before C# and Unity, my main focus was C++/C and low-level programming. I coded both personal and university projects in cpp at the time. I also briefly worked part-time at my university doing unit tests and helping write some libraries in C++. Later I mostly used C++ for game modding and reverse engineering in my free time.

[Other languages] I often use Python for automation and university projects. I do know basics about Lua and R, but rarely use them nowadays. I also use bash/batch when required as well as simple webdev HTML/CSS/JS/PHP.

[Other technologies] I used to daily drive Kali Linux and Pop-OS. I know GitHub basics (used mostly for personal and open-source projects). I also know basics about 3D modelling in Blender, doing pixel-art in Aseprite/Photoshop.


[2020-2023] I have finished my master's degree in IT (specialty: AI) at Warsaw University of Technology. The project for my MSc thesis was made in Unity, it is aimed at visualizing 3D point-cloud data in real-time and it utilizes Unity VFX Graph in combination with graphics buffers.

[2016-2020] I have finished engineering studies in Electronics at Warsaw University of Technology. For my BSc thesis I have create a 3D radar data visualization app in Unity that utilizes procedurally generated meshes.


[2020-2023] Full-time job at a digital printing company as a process automation engineer. My main assignment was creating automation workflows using field-specialized software (Esko Automation Engine). I also supervised and helped with the implementation of a webshop and it's integration into the company automation workflow.

[2019] Part-time work at the University helping to write C++ libraries and unit tests for radar-based purposes.